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Modern health
Guru Guidelines to Eating
for Whole Body-Mind Health

1) Everybody's body is different. Listen to yours.
2) Support local or sustainable whole-food sources.
3) Variety invites a wider range of nutrients.
4) Have fun and be lenient with yourself.
5) Fat is your friend.
6) Read the ingredients.

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There is nothing #nutritious about Nutri-system. Eat real food and you’ll feel real good. It’s that #simple.

I’M SO HAPPY TO BE ON VACATION. #Bestbudsinadogpark

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Holy #mother! “Can we be #fermenters, like that’s what we do with our life?” Why not?!

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This time of year my body craves slightly warmed fresh veggies, greens, light spices, and smaller portions of meat. I’ve reached a point in my intuitive eating where I notice even the texture of food my body is asking for-ground buffalo instead of the stew meat is easier to chew and digest. Deep winter is a time for ease and freshness, a post-hibernation rejuvenation before the busy season comes… My favorite 😁😁🙏🙏

Shine, don’t hide. #allisone

#Breakfast for #dinner. Aka first meal since the morning. Tuesdays are busy-#work to #karate to #yoga. MUST REFUEL!

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🅰➕ Another #fermentation success. Shredded #beet in brine. Now there is beet #pickle AND #kvass on the fermentation station. (Kvass is the juice of pickled veg, traditionally beets)

The other hobbies of a good eats guru. #uplevel

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Dude do you not feel sick all the time eating all that fat/grease and the heavy food? I mean if you feel good on it fair enough but when I tried WAPF way i felt ill! Also its easy to just eat a really high calorie lunch this way, without even really feeling full at the end! I was gaining weight so i started running and cut the amount of fatty shit i was eating and feel loads better!
goodeatsguru goodeatsguru Said:

Hey hey, that’s a great question. I feel pretty awesome eating WAPF way, but then I’ve always enjoyed heavier/creamier foods.  It suits my particular constitution really well.  When I tried raw diets and vegetarian, that’s when I felt sick.  I exercise a LOT too, I’m boundless energy kind person.  I think the cool thing about WAPF principles is that they can be modified to fit whatever works best for your body.  You can still eat light foods and be following the wisdom of proper food preparation.  Sometimes all I want is a salad and sometimes I want sourdough toast with gobs of butter and liverwurst, and the Foundation is doing important work that shows why both are very healthy-albeit in different ways.  I %100 support everyone trying things out for themselves and doing what makes them feel best, so props for doing that!