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#Breakfast this morning: #chicken #liver and onions with a side of #sourkraut. Liver is a #nutrient powerhouse, and the sulphur in the onions work synergistically with the livers for optimal nutrient intake. Add a little sourkraut for friendly bacteria and that’s one #healthy brekkie! #food #wapf #fermentation #nutrition

Now that’s a good lookin’ bird. Under the skin: garlic and chives. #wapf #food #roast #chicken

When food poisons, liquid heals. #foodismedicine #chicken #broth #ginger #beer #h2o

Dinner has begun #food #health #chicken #nutrition #bestfriendsfolife #foodstagram

We thought the #chicken in the #crockpot might be done tonight, but alas it will be much better tomorrow. So tonight’s #dinner then is #pumpkin #soup and #grilledcheese. And now I have all this amazing #pork #stock I can make more soup from… #love #food #realfood #health #nutrition

I’ve had a significant personal revelation concerning the nature of meat and vegetable pairings:

Chicken goes with sweet and soft root veggies, like yams or carrots or turnips.

Beef goes with hearty, dark, or leafy greens, like kale or cabbage.

Fish goes with thick-stalked veggies, like broccoli or asparagus.

This conclusion reached me during a pleasant shower. 

Can I please grill in someone’s back yard now?  Kthx!

Food Adventure Time!

Last Monday me and the roomies took a family trip with Annie’s sister to Soul Fire for all-you-can-eat wings.  We tore it UP!  Between the five of us we ate at least six plates of wings.

If I didn’t already have fun times planned for tonight, I’d be going there again.

Lookit all them graveyards.  Freakin’ nom, man.

Please look forward to many more postings revolving around my adventures.  I’m owning it: I live a pretty sweet life.  And it’s even sweeter that I get to share it with you!

Like, check this out.  I lost my wallet a couple weekends ago and have been putting out the thought that someone cool would pick it up.  I’ve been waiting so that I wouldn’t spend any unnecessary money on a new license, and whatdya know?  A guy called this morning and had just found it! 


A good friend and my karate instructor came over to eat dinner, which is always exciting for me because I love to cook for friends!  Once again, some of this was provided for.  Sebastian brought over the drumsticks, which I promptly marinated in a mixture of dijon mustard and Franks Red Hot sauce.  While they were baking, I stewed some curry with potatoes and zuchinni, then sauteed some bok choy in butter and nutritional yeast.  Everything was so savory and goooood!!!

I will miss Mel’s good nature and his delicious lunches!

Statler Salad for yours truly, Local 149.

Last Saturday night I got cooked for!  I really adore when this happens.  It’s such a treat since I’m usually the one at the stove top.  My dear friends Melissa and Meredith fed me chicken curry and quinoa with asparagus and acorn squash. 

Tip: When Trader Joe’s packaging claims that curry chicken will only take 5 minutes to sautee, DON’T LISTEN!  You can add that acorn squash in there because it will take much longer!

Mel also generously offered me a tasty beverage of homemade almond milk mixed with not-so-homemade (but still delicious!) hemp milk.  Twas particularly luscious, as far as beverages go.

It was quite the fun food adventure.  Melissa video-taped the squash seeds popping in the oven, Meredith did karate for me in the interim between squash seeds and dinner, and afterward we viewed two ah-mazing episodes of RuPaul’s Drag Race while noshing on hazelnut dark chocolate.  That show is so fetch.

This is that “other” stir fry I was telling you about.  It was way better than the first.  I ripped up a tasty little game hen and fried it with bell peppers, broccoli, onions, and garlic.  I ended up not using a green pepper and I added a clementine for some sweetness.  Just a little soy sauce and herbs spiced this up, and it was a winner.  I threw it over udon noodles and I actually did use chopsticks this time.  It was easier than a fork.

Not my food, round two:

Chicken soup from a friendly bartender at Zuzu Tuesdays last week.  This was really good, and helpful with the too-busy-to-cook week I had.  I’ve gotta refill the tupperware and bring back something tasty.  Any suggestions?

2012.  A new year.  A fresh start.  To wipe the slate clean, here’s a couple bites I had nothing to do with last year.  Well, I did sample some. 

The luscious orange treat is a pumpkin cheesecake made by a good friend of my boyfriend.  A better combination has yet to occur.

The dinner is a work of taste which keeps tongues enthralled and mouths silent.  Featuring baked chicken, rice, gravy, and broccoli, it was one hell of a meal.  The chicken was cooked perfectly.  My roommate and her boyfriend concocted this dish.  Cheffy roomies are so great.

Came down with a bit of a cold on Sunday, so I ate a small snack of cheddar cheese, garlic-parmesan focaccia, and a small cup of lentil broth from last weeks lentils.  Granted, Dougie brought home pizza and fried chicken just after I’d eaten this, so I continued to snack.  Sometimes you just have to suck it up and eat something deliciously not nutritious.  He made buffalo fried chicken fingers out of them.  Totally worth it.

This is what I’m thankful for: adventures with the family. 

There’s not much I like more than cooking with my roommates and friends.  I’m a lucky man to have so many great people willing to eat my food and teach me more about cooking.  And as much as I love having others eat what I make, eating what others prepare for me is equally satisfying.

That being said, here’s a couple features of food graciously provided not by yours truly.  Except for the stuffed squash.  That was mighty good.

First up, Dougie’s baked chicken breast with sweet potato, onion, and green pepper.  What a dank lunch that was.

That night (or was it the next one?) we had a feast with all the goodies we could wrestle up.  Dougie’s mom’s spinach pie and her red sauce over whole wheat linguine rounded out a squash stuffed with the last of the leftover tofu vegetables from last week.  And garlic bread.  With bread ends.  Again.  Nothing fancy, but we made good use of what we had those days.

And, for all this to be possible:

A big thanks to the infinite list of people that make my life such a beautiful dream, from Mom, Dad, Bro, and Nieces to my generous handful of wonderful best friends to my mentors to my huge circle of talented comrades to my dedicated mentors to my out-of-this-world-incredible boyfriend.  Seriously, I may have a lot going for me, but I would have nothing without all of you.

Okay, enough sentimentality. Go get drunk and stuff your face.  ‘Cause that’s what we’re doing right now as we cook a mighty feast.  Expect a turkey day review next week!